Final year students of BE Electronics & Communication had a field visit to NTC Babarmahal to have practical knowledge in the subject Telecommunication and Wireless Communication.The students were benefited with the knowledge of switching technology used in PSTN .The Engineers of NTC briefed precisely about the BSC, MSC and cellular networks in the session of Wireless Communication. Have got chance to have a glance of Air Traffic Control Room and the studied about process they have been implementing. The visit was fruitful to get whole practical knowledge of the elective subject “Avionics”.

Field visit to Kantipur Dental College

The laboratory exercises were conducted by performing field visit to International Friendship Childrens’ Hospital and Kantipur Dental Hospital.
Students reviewed the working principle of USG, CT, VENTILATOR , XRay Over there.

Field visit to CAAN

All the MET equipents, Radio Communication system used to communicate for GROUND to GROUND , GROUND to AIR Trafic Control Roomer, Tower to Flight