The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT ) is a four – year (Eight semester ) academic program. BIT program at kantipur City College(KCC) . Gives students a well rounded knowledge of IT fundamentals, programming, Computer Networks and Telecommunication etc. KCC ‘s BIT graduates are prepared to start their career in information and communication industry that includes IT manager, network , and systems programming .
The plus point that make your study at KCC better than anywhere are:
  • Industry Apprenticeship provides you opportunity to work in IT industry and leading Software house . This renders competitive edge to you in the Job market ;
  • KCC Events Delivers you a wealth of seminars and outstanding speakers from IT industry and INGOS. Here , you will gain access to new connection, and a new outlook on career;
  • Workshops are organized on topics like network security, Software engineering , and business trends . It brings together you with specialists from academia, and software ;
  • Specialization in promising areas like: IT in Banking, multimedia and application, marketing management, and artificial intelligence ;
  • Project at KCC involves you in design and development of software systems. You complete the at our state-of art Computer center, and research units-CSDR.

Faculty Members

Mr. Raju Kattel MCA, Purbanchal University.Program Coordinator, MCA. Lecturer. Mr. Krishna Prasad Paudel MBS, Tribhuvan University; MCA, Purbanchal University. Lecturer. Mr. Sunil Sharma MCA, Purbanchal University. Lecturer. Mr. Saroj Pandey MCA, Purbanchal University. Program Coordinator, BIT. Lecturer. Mr. Kiran Khanal MSCIT, Pokhara University.Lecturer. Mr. Bikash Neupane MCA, Purbanchal University. Coordinator, Department of Continuing Education Lecturer Mr. Sudarsan Nepal BIT, Purbanchal University. Program Coordinator, BCA. Asst. Lecturer Mr. Ramesh Parajuli BIT, Purbanchal University. Asst. Lecturer


Mr. Susan Shrestha Office Assistant Ms. Kala Bhattarai Office Assistant Mr. Krishna Budhathoki Supporting Staff Mr. Laxman Khadka Supporting Staff
1 BIT101SH Mathematics-I
2 BIT170CO Fundamentals of Information Technology
3 BIT105SH Technical Communication (English)
4 BIT120EL Basic Electrical System & Circuit
5 BIT190MS Principles of Management
6 BIT175CO Computer Programming-I
7 BIT178CO Project-I
1 BIT102SH Mathematics-II
2 BIT130EC Electronics Devices & Circuit
3 BIT173CO Digital Logic
4 BIT191MS Financial Management & Accounting
5 BIT176CO Object Oriented Programming in C++
6 BIT179CO Project-II
1 BIT270CO System Analysis & Design
2 BIT272CO Microprocessor & Assembly Language
3 BIT273CO Data Structure & Algorithm
4 BIT275CO User Interface Design
5 BIT278CO Project-III
6 BIT280CO Numerical Methods
1 BIT231EC Communication System
2 BIT271CO Computer Organization
3 BIT274CO Web Technology-I
4 BIT276CO Database Management System
5 BIT279CO Project-IV
6 BIT281CO Discrete Mathematics
7 BIT292MS Marketing Management
1 BIT303SH Probability & Statistics
2 BIT307SH Society & Ethics in IT
3 BIT372CO Data Communication
4 BIT374CO Web Technology-II
5 BIT375CO Computer Graphics
6 BIT377CO Operating System
7 BIT378CO Project-V
Placement Opportunity/Internship (List of IT Companies where our graduates are working)
  • Verisk Information Technologies
  • Deerwalk Services
  • BrainDigit IT Solution
  • Sprout Technology
  • Yomari
  • CAD Nepal
  • Eval Technologies
  • HiTech Solutions & Services
  • Young Innovations
  • Imagine Web Solution
  • Smart Designs
  • F1Soft International
  • SoftNEP
  • MountDigit Technology
  • Javra Software Nepal
  • Semicolon Developers Network
  • Curves n’ Colors
  • WorldLink Communications
  • CrossOver Nepal
  • ebPearls
  • Leapfrog Technology Nepal
  • Agile Solutions
  • Synergy Tech
  • Nepasoft Solutions
  • Mercantile Communications
  • Young Minds Creation
  • Alternative Technology
  • IT Himalaya
  • Swastik IT
  • Neolinx
  • Professional Computer System
  • Avenues Nepal
  • Dreams & Ideas
  • Asteroid Venture
  • WebTech Nepal
  • Ant Software
  • Arhant Solutions
  • Sabaiko Technologies
  • Nepal Media Network
  • Datasphere IT Consultancy
  • Everest Net
  • Nexus Nepal
  • Techminds Network
  • e-Zone International
  • Tulips Technologies
  • Codemandu Software
  • Radiant InfoTech Nepal
  • Easy Software
  • Colors to Web
  • Nepal Link Network
  • Shangrila Microsystem
  • and many other companies…