The Research Management Cell at KCC (RMC-KCC)

The Research Management Cell at KCC (RMC-KCC) has been formed to carry out the research activities within various academic disciplines. Its member will work in accordance with the specified functions of the RMC-KCC.

Functions of Research Management Cell – KCC (RMC-KCC)

  1. Undertakes Independent and innovative research from multidisciplinary and inclusive perspectives.
  2. Administers research projects under RMC.
  3. Signs Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with various national an international institutions and collaboration with them for research projects.
  4. Organizes specialized research seminars/workshops.
  5. Conduct debates on varieties of academically and professionally relevant issues, ensuring the participations of researchers.
  6. Collaborates with other institution for research projects.
  7. Involves college graduates belonging to different disciplines in relevant research projects.
  8. Receives and registers funds, allocates them for research projects an certifies finished research projects.
  9. Finally processes and publishes research works.


Regulations governing the RMC at Kantipur City College (KCC)

  1. The Research Management Cell (RMC) at KCC is headed by the Principal of the college.
  2. The Research Management Cell at KCC will be known in its abbreviated form as the RMC-KCC.
  3.  The regulations governing the RMC-KCC will be known as the RMC-KCC Regulations.
  4. The RMC-KCC consists of seven faculty members representing different schools at the college.
  5. The RMC-KCC meets every month on specifies agenda or to review progress.
  6. The RMC-KCC members can restructure the RMC as per need or collective decision.
  7. The RMC-KCC can assign outsource researchers with research responsibilities as per need.
  8. The RMC-KCC determines remuneration for researches depending on the nature and volume of research and size of fund.
  9. The financial activities of the RMC will be carried out as per the college rules and regulations and will be transparent.
  10. The RMC-KCC follows a set of clear criteria keeping in view the nature of research.


RMC – KCC members

  1. Associate Professor Rabi Shrestha – [Chairperson]
  2. Prof. Rama Krishna Regmee – [Member-Advisor]
  3. Mr. Raju Kattel – [Member]
  4. Mr. Sudeep Thapa – [Member]
  5. Mr. Kiran Khanal –  [Member]
  6. Mr. Saroj Pandey – [Member]
  7. Mr. Subash Rajkarnikar – [Member]