Voluntary Support for International Researchers

Kantipur City Colleges (KCC) is dedicated to pursuit of new knowledge. For this, KCC has been conducting several researches on its own and with collaborators. With the slogan of ‘To strengthen academia’, KCC aims to focus research oriented learning, where students are trained to relate their theoretical knowledge with real world processes. KCC has four schools, namely: School of Science and Technology, School of Engineering, School of Business & Management and School of Humanities and social sciences, where Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs are run with a focus on research.
In recent time, the Gorkha earthquake followed by series of aftershocks has opened numerous prospects for research in Nepal. Nepal has become a white spot for conducting studies in Geological Science, Geo-technology, Livelihood Strategies, Disaster Risk Management and many other fields, as a result of which, the small Himalayan country is attracting an overwhelming number of International Researchers. Considering this influx of academicians, scientists, and young researchers, KCC, abiding by its values of serving pursuit of knowledge in all its capacity, has launched the Voluntary Support for International Researchers (VSIR). Under this programme, researchers/planners from outside the Nepal are provided full or partial support for lodging, subsistence, administrative procedure and research facilities (for e.g. Laboratory) to conduct short-term (up to 12 weeks) research in Nepal. Also, KCC believes that the stay of any international researcher at Nepal is an opportunity to closely observe and understand Nepalese culture. Nepal, although small in area, is culturally rich and diverse with over 36 ethnic groups and over 130 languages. KCC approach could be a good platform for the international researchers, planners to share their experience, knowledge, idea with us.
VSIR has been setup with following objectives in mind:
• To attract more young and experienced researchers to study social scenario, livelihood conditions and geology of Nepal.
• To facilitate talented and capable researchers who are enthusiastic to study the post-earthquake scenario in Nepal but suffer financial limitations.
• To benefit from sharing and exchange of knowledge and ideas with international researchers.
• To facilitate the generation of scientifically relevant information regarding different aspects of Nepal (environment, geology, agriculture, Livelihood strategies, disaster risk management et cetera, climate change et cetera).
• To create platform for exchange of the Nepali language and culture and across the globe.
Support to VSIR Candidates
Researchers who have been selected under VSIR program can expect one for many of the following supports:

• Assistance in visa acquisition.
• Lodging and food (either free of cost or for minimum cost).
• Laboratory facilities.
• Office Space.
• Assistants (research assistant, translator, guide et cetera).
• Liaison with administrative units of Nepal government and stakeholders relevant to the research.
Expectation from VSIR Candidates
In exchange of support rendered by KCC, we expect the following from VSIR candidates:
• Duly acknowledge KCC and/or supporting staffs of KCC in any published works relevant to research undertaken with support from VSIR program.
• Take a certain number of classes of candidate’s interest (under previously agreed terms) at KCC.
• Share the experience to develop and effectively implement pedagogy.
• Train to KCC admin staff on how to effectively manage the resources.
• Share the experience and knowledge to effectively implement research oriented minor projects.
• Train KCC high officials to develop strategic and assurance plan of the project to get tangible output in time.
• Guide and teach KCC faculties on effectively implement prescribed pedagogy and minor to major projects.