Since its founding in 2003 AD, MCA has established itself as a leading academic IT Program and continues to grow at a rapid pace in terms of skilled graduates, research, publications and recognition. The school holds one of the largest bodies of graduate students in Nepal.
The MCA degree holders are not only comfortable with IT but also with the intricacies of business practices. With applied theories and hands-on computer skills, the graduate are capable to investigate the use, implementation and support of information systems to specific organizational domains.
Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a two-year (Four Semester), 66 Credits hours program. MCA develops a range of competencies in business and team communication model as they apply to software design and development, software development cycle and distributed or web-based application. MCA Career MCA graduates hold business understanding and technical knowledge to occupy managerial positions in non/governmental offices, banks and information industries. They are able to provide IT and consulting services to the foremost corporation at home and abroad. As a consultant, they enjoy freedom to learn and build skills on enterprise solutions and system configuration and expand their career-critical experiences.
Key features of the MCA The Plus-point the make your study your at KCC better then anywhere are:
  • Industry Apprenticeship by working with IT industry and leading software houses. This renders competitive edge to you the job market.
  • KCC events Delivers you a wealth of seminar and outstanding speakers form IT industry and INGOs. Here, you will have access to new connections, and a new outlook on career.
  • Workshop are hosted on varied topics of e-governance,, network securities, software engineering, and research methodology. It brings together you with specialists from academia, and software.
  • Guest Speaker’ series delivered by eminent people on varied subjects and topics.
  • Master’s Projects at KCC involves you in a topic that results in the specification, design, and development of a significant software system with full documentation and presentation.
  • Master’s Dissertation, substitute to master’s projects, involves you in a topic of substantive research and finds a satisfactory solution to a problem and produce a high standard of paper presentation.
  • Field research at various sites of non-government organizations, bank, software house and industries.
  • Seminars & Presentation are conducted on regular basis to build confidence among students to deliver their findings on topics.
Faculty memebr MCA/PGDCA
  1. Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya, IOE,TU
  2. Dr Manish Pokharel, KU
  3. Dr. Gajendra Sharma, KU
  4. Manoj Shakya, KU
  5. Dhiraj Shrestha, KU
  6. Sarbin Syami, TU
  7. Arjun Saud, TU
  8. Dhurba Subedi, TU
  9. Kishor Basnet, TU
  10. Sheetal Thapaliya,TU
  11. Kushal Niroula, PU
  12. Er. Rabi Shrestha, PU
  13. Raju Kattel, PU
  14. Ramesh Parajuli, PU
  15. Indra Kumar Shrestha, TU
  16. Rameshower Subedi, TU
  17. Lilaram Sapkota, PU
  18. Sailendra Basnet, PU
  19. Ram Niraula, PU
  20. Ritu Basnet, PU
  21. Dinesh Basnet, TU
Master of Computer Application (MCA)  Curriculum  Year:I                                                                       Semester: I
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
MCA101Discrete Structures3
MCA102Software Engineering3
MCA103Operating System3
MCA104Advance Database Management System3
MCA105Organizational    Behavior and Information Resource Management4
Year:I                                                                   Semester: II
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
MCA151Research Methodology3
MCA152Visual Programming Language and .Net3
MCA153Cloud Computing3
MCA154Information Security and Ethics3
MCA1**Specialization 13
MCA1**Specialization 23
 Year:II                                                                    Semester: I
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
MCA201Optimization Technique3
MCA202Data Warehousing and Data Mining3
MCA202Digital Marketing and Marketing Management3
MCA1**Specialization 33
MCA1**Specialization 43
Year:II                                                     Semester: II
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
**Specialization Areas: Specialization area courses have been designed in four major areas for in-depth knowledge in the area. Students develop specialized expertise in the specialization area. Students are required to take four specialization courses from the selected area, two courses each in second and third semester of the MCA program. Specialization areas are Information System Management, Networking and Cloud Computing, E-Commerce and Web Application Development, and Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics. Courses for specialization should be chosen from one of following four areas of specialization. Same area of specialization should be followed for choosing courses for specialization in the subsequent semesters. 1.Information System Management For Year: I and Semester: II ( Specialization 1 and Specialization 2) MCA171: IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management MCA172: Computer based Accounting and Financial Management MCA173: Enterprise Resource Planning For Year: II and Semester: I( Specialization 3 and Specialization 4)  MCA221: Micro, Macro Economics, and Digital Economics MCA222: Fundamentals of Marketing and Business Strategy 2.Networking and Cloud Computing For Year :I and Semester :II ( Specialization 1 and Specialization 2)  MCA178: Cloud Security MCA179: Network System Administration MCA180 : Remote Sensing and GIS Year :II and Semester :I( Specialization 3 and Specialization 4)  MCA228: Open Source Linux Administration MCA229: Wireless Network and Mobile Computing MCA230: Internet of Things 3: Digital-Commerce and Web Application Development Year :I and Semester :II( Specialization 1 and Specialization 2)  MCA185: Digital-Commerce MCA186: Digital-Governance MCA187: Multimedia and Application MCA188: Mobile Computing and WAP Based Application Year :II and Semester :I( Specialization 3 and Specialization 4)  MCA235: Big Data MCA236: Database Programming MCA237:Bussiness Analytics MCA238: Mobile Application Development 4.Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics  Year :I Semester: II( Specialization 1 and Specialization 2)  MCA192: Artificial Intelligence MCA193: Machine Learning MCA194: Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Science MCA195: Big Data Management Year :II Semester :I( Specialization 3 and Specialization 4)  MCA242: Supply Chain analytics MCA243:  Marketing Analytics MCA244: Internet and social Media Marketing