KCC organized a one-day workshop on Amazon Web Services(AWS).

  • April 13, 2023

Department of Continuing Education in collaboration with Broadways Infosys organized a one- day workshop on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for students of BIT 8 th semester, BCA 6 th semester, and MCA 3 rd semester on 18 th Chaitra, 2079. The workshop aimed to provide students with a basic understanding of AWS, its services, and their applications.
The workshop covered various topics, including AWS infrastructure, storage, databases, and networking. The students were given access to a demo AWS account, which allowed them to practice and experiment with various AWS services. The workshop was conducted by experienced trainers from Broadways Infosys, who have extensive knowledge of AWS and its applications. The trainers guided the students through various exercises and provided them with valuable insights and tips.
The students found the workshop to be highly informative and useful. They were able to gain a deeper understanding of AWS and its services and their real-world applications. The workshop also helped them to develop their skills and knowledge, which will be valuable in their future

Overall, the one-day workshop on AWS organized by the Department of Continuing Education in collaboration with Broadways Infosys was a great success. It provided students with an excellent opportunity to learn and explore AWS, which is a highly popular skill in today’s tech- driven world.