“SDSN Club’s Hand Print on Cloth Program: A Resounding Success in Promoting Sustainability”

  • May 6, 2023

The Hand Print on Cloth Program organized by SDSN Club of Kantipur City College was a huge success, thanks to the overwhelming participation of students from our college. The program aimed to raise awareness about sustainability. It was heartening to see so many students come together to support this cause.

The program was held in the college premises, and students from all departments were invited to participate. They were provided with paint and were encouraged to unleash their creativity and paint their handprints on the cloth in unique and colorful ways. The program not only promoted information about sustainability and also fostered a sense of community among the students. It was a fun and engaging way to promote a worthy cause.

The Hand Print on Cloth Program organized by SDSN Club was a resounding success, thanks to the active participation of our college students and faculty. The program served as a reminder of the importance of sustainability and encouraged students to take a proactive role in preserving our planet. The handprints created by the students will serve as a lasting reminder of this event and the collective effort towards a sustainable future.

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