Everything You Need To Know About Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)

  • December 5, 2019

There may be several reasons why you’d want to study computer application for your Master’s. Maybe you’re working at an IT firm in their Sales & Marketing division, but want to explore the field of Information Technology. Or maybe you want to open your own IT firm after seeing its potential. Or perhaps, that one episode of Silicon Valley inspired you to go after your newfound passion for technology. Whatever your reasons might be, computer application sure has peaked your interest.

Now you might say, “I’ve already done my Bachelor’s in a non-IT field. How can I do my Master’s in this field without any prior knowledge?”

At Kantipur City College, we’ve got you covered. You see, our Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) program is a preliminary course that introduces you to the world of computer application. With this, you can easily apply for a Master’s degree in computer application.

To learn more about the program, dive in.

About the program

This program is a one-year course (two-semesters) with 34 credits for anyone with a bachelor’s degree. Affiliated to Purbanchal University, KCC is one of the most reputed institutions that offers this course. The program itself is structured in a way that helps you to establish a solid base of theoretical and practical knowledge of computer application.

In addition, this Post Graduate (PG) diploma in computer application essentially covers IT fundamentals, computer design, programming, data communication, web technology, system analysis, data structure, statistics, database systems & object-oriented programming.

Program Structure

PGDCA: First Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Lecture Tutorial Lab Total
PCA111 Introduction to Information Technology 2 2 1 2 5
PCA112 Data Communication & Networks 3 3 1 2/2 5
PCA113 Web Technology 2 2 1 2 5
PCA114 Mathematics 3 3 1 – 4
PCA115 Digital Computer Design 3 3 1 2/2 5
PCA116 Problem Solving & Programming in C 3 3 1 2 6
Total Credits 16 16 6 8 30

PGDCA: Second Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Lecture Tutorial Lab Total
PCA121 Statistics & Numerical Methods 4 4 1 2/2 6
PCA122 Object-Oriented Programming in C++ 3 3 1 2 6
PCA123 System Analysis & Design 3 3 1 – 4
PCA124 Data Structure & Algorithm 3 3 1 2/2 5
PCA125 Database System 3 3 1 2/2 5
PCA126 Project 2 – – 3 3
Total Credits 18 16 5 8 29

Why choose KCC for this?

At KCC, we’re not all talk. Here are some of the key highlights of the KCC experience:

We often organize seminars with exceptional speakers from the IT industry, corporate houses, and INGOs. These seminars are intended to provide a platform for you to network and build rapport for key figures.
We also host workshops on different topics of e-commerce, networking, software engineering, and research methodology. These workshops bring you together with specialists from academia, computer application or the overall IT sector.
With our alumni network in various organizations, we also call up guest speakers to disseminate practical experiences in the field of computer application.
Our curriculum for PG diploma in computer application also includes projects that engage you in the design and development of software systems through teamwork and intensive work. To facilitate this, we also have our state-of-the-art computer center and research units, or Center for Software Development and Research (CSDR).
Our KCC Exhibit is a “Project Exhibition & Conference” event with the intent to promote the student projects and to interact with various industries, organizations and academic institutions. This also provides a common platform for individuals, academicians, researchers and professionals to interact with various industries and academic institutions.

Look Further

As we’ve mentioned before, the main purpose of getting a PG diploma in computer application is to pursue a Master’s in Computer Application (MCA). Besides the business understanding and technical knowledge you’ll gain about computer applications, you’ll further be able to establish a solid career in this field. As an MCA graduate, you can offer IT and consulting services to corporations – both national and multinational. By completing a Master’s in computer application, you can become a software developer, web designer, network administrator, system manager, computer programmer, game developer, among others.

In fact, Forbes has listed job candidates with an MCA degree in their top 5 highest paid jobs. Tempting, right?

At KCC, we’re here to help!

With our advanced curriculum, supportive faculty and placement cell, we’re at our A-game when it comes to our computer application courses.

For more information, contact us.