Professional Courses

We run a range of professional training courses for the graduates that are continuously changing based on market requirements.

If you are planning

  •       Next career move
  •       Want to boost your skills and knowledge
  •       Take the first step on career ladder
  •       Train and upskill an employee


Earning of some professionals in different subject.

Based on salary projections made by payscale (,  the average base salary for Cisco certified network associates is above three lakhs per year. Similarly, the average salary of a PHP developer or Java programmer is around 5 lakhs per year. The salary of an R programmer is between 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs per year.

Research Center

KCC seeks to facilitate the development of new research initiatives that cross across traditional disciplinary boundaries. In this regard, KCC has established interdisciplinary research cells in different faculties that are supported by the Research & Management Division and a support network consisting of several experts. KCC has technology advanced screening facilities that serve as a convergence point to bring different research cells, sub-committees, committees and research division.

It provides financial support to students conducting industry focused, market research activities. Similarly, it provides technical and financial support to write high quality research articles and includes those articles on one in house publication. Likewise, it also collaborates, whenever possible, with leading consultancies in carrying out studies/assessments in order to expose students.

KCC has been allocating a budget to fund innovative research ideas for faculties including the provision of training and capacity building of the faculties in research since many years. In addition, KCC is planning to reimburse the cost of faculties while sharing presentation and research findings inside and outside the country.


KCC is affiliated with the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) that has a network of 80 member countries. It serves students, employers and academic institutions through career focused internship opportunities abroad. Being a student of KCC, the chances of receiving an internship abroad is highly likely albeit s/he should be eligible.

Graduating students from BBA, BCA and BIT should go through a compulsory internship process to qualify for the final semester exam. 

Institutional Collaboration

KCC have already signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with different institutions that make pathway of KCC graduate easy for internship, short assignment/s and higher prospect of getting job in case s/he is qualified and the client has vacancy/ies.


KCC publishes two publications annually and one high quality journal of science and technology, yet another from the faculty of journalism known as “KCC media journal”. Former publications typically cover local and college related news. These are mostly run as an extracurricular activity. However the latter consisted of high quality research articles based on further analysis of the thesis covering IT, Engineering and journalist fields. 

It is hoped to develop as a platform where students will build their confidence, get exposed to management skills and be able to express themselves when they enter the job market. Interestingly, a small part of funding is made available by the college and a higher chunk of money is managed by advertisements managed by students themselves for publications. However, the cost of journal publication is entirely borne by the college itself.

List of Publications

  • KCC Management Scholars Vol 1

Book Bank System

KCC provides a full set of books to all students for each semester.

MIS System

KCC has a MIS setup which allows the students to keep track of their college activities, assignments, studying materials etc. It also incorporates the teachers who will assign, evaluate and direct the students in the same system. Furthermore every single activities inside the college is performed via MIS.

Login to KCC MIS


KCC employed a workshop method on topics that demand wide discussion from different faculties. Teacher and Head of the department approves the topic and monitors the quality of protocols and methodology.  Most of the time, a group of students, after forming a group, are assigned for such tasks. In a few instances, professional experts having significant experience are brought in to facilitate the workshop in contemporary topics followed by q/a round.

KCC conducts three seminars around the year. Two seminars are organized nationally and one seminar is intended for international professionals/audiences. These seminar also the forms an avenue for presenting the research articles, that are finally selected in journal publication.