The Best BBA College in Kathmandu | KCC

  • October 24, 2019

The Best BBA College in Kathmandu | KCC

As the capital city, Kathmandu is definitely an important industrial hub. However, it’s not the only thing that makes the city alluring to high school graduates. With a world of opportunities comes a plethora of options to choose from – and not all of them are best suited for you. Take it this way: You’re the prince charming, and you have to find your Cinderella out of every single BBA college in Kathmandu. It’s hard to find the perfect fit, but when you do, it can be a great way to start your career.

Yet, the question remains: How do you choose the best BBA College in Kathmandu? Here are some things that you should consider:

Interdisciplinary curriculum

Here’s a question that you’ve heard since childhood: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you were sure then, you’re probably clueless now. Why? That’s because you can do a lot more than be ‘one thing’. Even a CEO has a diverse skill set – from leadership, decision making to selling skills. While a majority of the degrees out there may ask you to focus on one thing, a BBA degree is a versatile course that makes you adaptable. That’s why you need to choose a BBA college in Kathmandu that offers a course which is engaging and relevant to the global business context.

You see, a BBA college in Kathmandu like KCC has an interdisciplinary curriculum that can transform you into a jack of all trades. Some of the major courses include Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Business Communication, Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Supply Chain Management, and Management of Information System, among others. With a combination of Foundation Courses, Core Courses, Capstone Courses and Specialization Area Courses, you can gain a comprehensive perspective of different disciplines at our BBA college in Kathmandu.


Do you ever look up how to make DIY objects, gather all the required materials, but when it comes to actually creating the object, you end up breaking more things? Well, that’s what happens when you have the knowledge, but lack the required experience. It’s similar to a BBA degree – you see, the best BBA college in Kathmandu should emphasize experiential learning. In essence, the BBA College in Kathmandu should accommodate internships that will help you cultivate fundamental managerial expertise, and teach you real-life skills.

For instance, as a reputed BBA college in Kathmandu, Kantipur City College (KCC) offers international internships in collaboration with IAESTE Nepal. KCC is the member of United Nation-Sustainable Development Solution Network (UN-SDSN) and Sustainable Development Goals Academy (SDG-Academy). These platform helps students to know about the development practices around the globe. KCC also includes providing courses and training to the students to equip them with specific managerial skills. Furthermore, like every other well-regarded BBA college in Kathmandu, KCC also has its own placement cell. Our graduates have advanced in their careers by working at organizations like Varun Beverages, Chaudhary Group, Asian Paints, Nepal Investment Bank, Nabil Bank, NMB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Surya Nepal, Morang Auto Works (MAW), Nepal Rastra Bank, World Link, and much more.


Imagine studying in an A-1 college with experienced faculty and the latest editions of books – but you’re stuck in a tiny classroom with cracks and holes in the corners. Not the best of experiences, we assume. This is why infrastructure matters so much in the best BBA college in Kathmandu. It’s not only about creating good experiences for the students, but also it’s about making learning more effective. In this aspect, the best BBA college in Kathmandu goes beyond providing basic infrastructure.

Take KCC for example. Here, we have our electronic MIS software, which enhances the teaching-learning process. Through this online platform, students can access their lecture notes and reference materials, receive, submit assignments and see their results online. Additionally, we also have a library, which follows a Book Bank System from where the students can access course books and reference books.

Guidance and counseling

College life can be tough – the mountain of assignments, juggling classes and work, and socializing in events. It can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the students. This is why the leading BBA college in Kathmandu should offer guidance and counseling services. This helps students conduct effective self-assessments, and counteract their daily problems.

Unlike any other BBA colleges, at KCC, we highly value our students’ mental health and overall well-being. Thus, we provide guidance and counseling services to cater to their issues, and help them forge a successful career path. Moreover, this service is also meant to establish and maintain collaborative relationships between the faculty, staff and students.

Looking for a top-notch BBA College in Kathmandu?

As an acknowledged BBA college in Nepal, Kantipur City College focuses on strong values of openness, sharing and commitment by building superior networking opportunities and active participation at social events. At KCC, we prioritize project-based learning and aim to professionally educate students by instilling knowledge, skills, confidence, positive attitude, and values to perform in the dynamic global environment. Our approach is to make learning enjoyable, meaningful, and relevant to real life and provide a transformational experience within the boundaries of our BBA college in Kathmandu.

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