Post Graduate Diploma in Computer application (PGDCA) is a one-year Two semester, 32 Credits hour’s program offered to the graduates with non-IT background. PGDCA program offered to the graduates with non-IT background. PGDCA program, at Kantipur City College (KCC), develops within students a strong theoretical foundation and sufficient practical knowledge for advance study leading to MCA degree.

KCC-PGDCA graduate develop understanding IT, computer design, Programming, Data Communication, and web technology. They also gain knowledge is system analysis, data structure, database system, and object oriented programming.

The plus point that make your study at KCC better than anywhere are:

  • KCC event delivers you a wealth of seminar and outstanding speakers from IT industry and INGOs. Here, you will have access to new connections, and a new outlook on career.
  • Workshops are hosted on varied topic of e-commerce, networking, software engineering, and research methodology. It brings together you with specialists from academia, and software.
  • Guest Speakers series delivered by eminent people on varied subjects and topics.
  • Projects at KCC involve you in design and development of software system. You complete them at our state-of-art computer center, and research units-CSDR.
  • Seminar & Presentation are conducted regularly to build the confidence in the students to deliver their findings on any topics.


Faculty memebr MCA/PGDCA

  1. Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya, IOE,TU
  2. Dr Manish Pokharel, KU
  3. Dr. Purushottom Kharel,KU
  4. Manoj Shakya, KU
  5. Dhiraj Shrestha, KU
  6. Sarbin Syami, TU
  7. Arjun Saud, TU
  8. Dhurba Subedi, TU
  9. Kishor Basnet, TU
  10. Sajeeb Shrestha,TU
  11. Ritu Raj Lamsal, TU
  12. Er. Rabi Shrestha, PU
  13. Raju Kattel,PU
  14. Ramesh Shrestha, PU
  15. Ramesh Parajuli, PU
  16. Dhiraj Kedar Pandey, TU
  17. Rameshower Subedi, TU
  18. Kiran Shrestha, PU
  19. Lilaram Sapkota, PU
  20. Sailendra Basnet, PU
  21. Ram Niraula, PU
  22. Ritu Basnet, PU

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application(PGDCA)


Course Code Course Title Credit s Lectur e (Hrs.) Tutorial (Hrs.) Laboratory (Hrs.) Total (Hrs.)
PCA101 Computer Concept and Programming in C 3 3 1 2 6
PCA102 Data communication and Networks 3 3 1 2 6
PCA103 Web Technology 3 3 1 2 6
PCA104 Mathematics 3 3 1 4
PCA105 Digital System 3 3 1 2 6
  Total 15 15 5 8 28


Course Code Course Title Credits Lecture (Hrs.) Tutorial (Hrs.) Laboratory (Hrs.) Total (Hrs.)
PCA151 Numerical and Statistical Computations 3 3 1 2 6
PCA152 Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3 3 1 2 6
PCA153 System Analysis and Design 3 3 1   4
PCA154 Data Structure and Algorithm 3 3 1 2 6
PCA155 Database Management System 3 3 1 2 6
PCA156 Project 2     3 3
  Total 17 15 5 11 31




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