Kantipur City College successfully concluded its Sports Week 2080.

  • May 2, 2023
Kantipur City College successfully concluded its Sports Week 2080 with a thrilling display of outdoor games, showcasing the skills and talents of the students and faculty members. The week-long event, which began on 8th Baisakh, was filled with exciting indoor and outdoor games, providing a platform for healthy competition and teamwork.
The first two days of the Sports Week saw the participation of girls’ futsal matches, with the final match being played on the second day. The winners were recognized for their outstanding performance and contribution to the event. Additionally, there was a futsal match between the organizing committee and the faculty members of KCC, adding to the excitement of the Sports Week.
On the second day of the Sports Week, the finale of indoor games took place, including table tennis, badminton, and chess. The winners were appreciated with medals and certificates for their exceptional performance and dedication.
For the remaining four days, outdoor games such as football, male and female cricket, male and female basketball, and male and female volleyball were played. The male final matches of football, cricket, volleyball, and basketball were played on the last day of the Sports Week, with the winners being recognized and appreciated for their sportsmanship and teamwork.
On the 6th day, the final matches of female basketball, cricket, and volleyball were played, showcasing the exceptional skills and talent of female participants. The winners were recognized for their efforts and contribution to the Sports Week.
The Sports Week was a great success, with a high level of participation and enthusiasm from all involved. The college management expressed their gratitude towards everyone who participated in the event and contributed to its success. They also congratulated all the winners and appreciated their hard work and dedication.
The Sports Week 2080 was a great success, providing a platform for students and faculty members to engage in healthy competition, develop their sports skills, and promote teamwork and leadership. The college management looks forward to organizing similar events in the future and continuing its commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among its students.
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