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Research Center

KCC seeks to facilitate the development of new research initiatives that cross across traditional disciplinary boundaries. In this regard, KCC has established interdisciplinary research cells in different faculties that are supported by the Research & Management Division and a support network consisting of several experts. KCC has technology advanced screening facilities that serve as a convergence point to bring different research cells, sub-committees, committees and research division.

It provides financial support to students conducting industry focused, market research activities. Similarly, it provides technical and financial support to write high quality research articles and includes those articles on one in house publication. Likewise, it also collaborates, whenever possible, with leading consultancies in carrying out studies/assessments in order to expose students.

KCC has been allocating a budget to fund innovative research ideas for faculties including the provision of training and capacity building of the faculties in research since many years. In addition, KCC is planning to reimburse the cost of faculties while sharing presentation and research findings inside and outside the country.