Dr. Pralhad Karki
Managing Director
Kantipur City College

Kantipur City College (KCC) has been a pivotal academic institution imparting time-based education that prepares its students to cope with the latest trends of the national and global markets.

We bear social responsibility to considerably enhance our students academic, research and professional skills required for the overall advancement of the country.

As a tradition, we follow goal-oriented curricula with specified objectives; this gives students much clarity in the process of learning.

While our research units are doing remarkable jobs, our graduates are excelling in workplaces. The shining presence of our graduates in the job markets proves our quality of education. Unforgettably, the collective contribution of our students, faculty members and administrative staff members is the primary factor behind our being at the forefront of Nepal s education and Business Management. And we have in Science and Technology, Mass Communication and Journalism no doubt that we will give continuity to this success. At the same time, l feels proud of our team that has so far performed the miracles. Halley, l hope you will select a program of your choice and expectations that can lead you towards being an expert in your choose field.

Message from Managing Director